Great River Business Limited has been established as an agribusiness, food processing, Microcredit, manufacturing, Business Development Service (BDS) Company in Ghana. Our traditional business model is based on the accomplishment of agribusiness through the use of Out-growers Scheme in Ghana and beyond. The Company believes to diversify our business to meet the ever changing environment. The revenues of the company increases per month depending on the variables that are factored in with investments in the agribusiness and other business lines. Read More

Our Mission

To be the global competitive agribusiness, microcredit, and processing, nutrition, health and Business Development Service solid company...
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Our Vision

To be a competitive agribusiness, microcredit, processing, nutrition, health and Business Development Service (BDS) solid company in the world...
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Core Values

  • We believe in treating our customers with respect and faith,
  • We grow through creativity, invention...
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A flexible, entrepreneurial approach, responsive to changes in market conditions
Great River recognizes that markets are unpredictable, and that there is a need for activities to respond to changes in market conditions. A flexible and adaptive approach is needed. The Company started off with a series of small pilot interventions and, learning from experience, has abandoned failures, scaled up successes and responds to new opportunities as they arise. Recording the process is crucial in order to ensure continuous information loops are created: our approach is backed by a strong Monitoring and Evaluation and knowledge management system


Work with over 2,600 female famers
Gender plays a pivotal role in the Company's activities. The Company does not only support women's economic empowerment, but economic empowerment for all, a concept that necessitates the active participation of women in wage earning agricultural, financing and business activities .
Contributing towards increased participation rates of female farmers in Company's activities makes market sense, therefore, the company is focusing on facilitating:
  • Support women's access to agricultural production inputs, information and good agronomic practices (GAP), which have proven successful.
  • Support women producers' linkages to networks, through facilitating the creation of women groups where they can share experiences, and have better access to inputs and support services.
  • Provide women producers' access to markets
  • Provide Business Development Services (BDS) and finance for women traders and processors,
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We Support

Be Part of our Microcredit Financing

Microcredit (Farm Credit) has been solely dedicated to helping farmers, ranchers and rural communities. Our owners are our customers, and our customers know they can depend on Great River Business Limited Microcredit (Farm Credit) expertise and commitment in good times and bad. Our cooperative structure is important to customers because it means they have a say in how Great River does business. As cooperatives, Farm Credit institutions often return their earnings in the form of patronage to borrower-owners. Great River Business Limited do not take deposits from local communities. Instead they tap the national and international money markets bringing new capital into rural Ghana and beyond to be put to work to enhance the local economy. Often, Great River organizations partner with banks in serving rural communities. Great River- Microcredit also compete with banks for customers in rural Ghana and beyond. This competition is good for borrowers, consistent with Great River aim to provide choices in rural markets. Great River- Microcredit System is a borrower-owned, permanent system of agricultural credit and rural credit for smaller communities across Ghana. Currently we serve nearly 5,000 qualified member-borrowers nationwide. We provide loans, leases and related services to farmers, ranchers, rural homeowners, aquatic producers, timber harvesters, agribusinesses, and agricultural cooperatives. Read More >>

We Collaborate

We'r ready to do Business with you!

Direct production: the company uses Out-Growers and also produce Maize, Rice, and Sorghum, Soya beans, groundnuts and Vegetables (Paper and Water Melon) aggregation of grains and nuts: the company is into aggregation of both Grains (Maize, Rice, Sorghum, and Soya beans) and Nuts (Groundnuts and Soybeans)

Food processing: engage in grain milling and process of groundnut oil, paste and cakes

Seed Grower: grower maize and Sorghum seed for Out- growers and for Sale

Market Linkages: link with domestic and international market, through agricultural commodity exchange with producers and other business

Input Dealer: involves in the sale of agrochemicals such as fertilizer, seeds, herbicides, weedicides, etc



Great River's Business Development Services aim at improving the performance of enterprises, Great River Business Development Services definition of business development services (BDS) includes a wide array of business services, both strategic and operational. They are designed to serve individual businesses, as well as larger business communities. The services ranges from market access, Input Supply, training and technical assistance, technology and product development, business infrastructure, alternative financing mechanism, policy and advocacy. Great River provides BDS directly to SEs (Small-Enterprises). They may be private for-profit firms, private not-for-profit firms, NGOs, parastatals, national or subnational government agencies, industry associations, etc. They may also be firms whose core business is not services but who provide them as part of a broader transaction or business-to-business relationship Read More